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Why Hire an Arborist

Trees provide shelter, oxygen, animal habitats, and a cleaner planet. They also hold value because they give a sense of place and remind us of childhood places we once held dear. Trees connect us to something larger than ourselves and are a foundational pillar that makes us happier and more productive.

Whatever your reasons for loving trees are, arborists specialize in tree planting and health care. There is a lot more that goes into loving trees than just landscaping! Also known as tree surgeons, arborists can quickly build a complete picture of your tree's health, from the soil to the tallest branches. An arborist, by definition, is an individual trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. You should hire an arborist to provide safe, effective, and beautiful management of your yard and trees.

Arborists design and create landscapes that are both beautiful and functional. They will know the exact location to plant and the right tree to match the area and goals of the owner. Most people think you can buy a tree at the local improvement store and plant it. However, there is more that goes into planting trees than that. One significant aspect that an arborist can help you decide on is the correct tree to match your aesthetic and functional goals. Whether you want a tree that adds color to your yard, shade, and privacy or reduces energy costs, an arborist can help. He will show you the best possible species and location to ensure the tree lives a happy, productive life. In addition, they will consider how the tree will grow and any obstructions that might become an issue later on when the tree has reached maturity. When adding trees to your landscaping, an arborist is necessary to prevent mistakes that could cost you time and money, not to mention your tree!

Once your tree has been planted, it is time to think about how the trees will receive water and nutrients. A certified arborist will know what nutrients your yard needs to support the tree’s health. In addition, he can recommend products that will boost the soil’s ability to support the tree’s needs, resulting in a much healthier, more vibrant yard.

Even well-managed trees can run into problems. An arborist can spot these issues immediately and treat the tree with the proper soil and trunk injections—the arborist's goal is to get it back into shape so that it can defend itself from invaders on its own. Once the tree has fully recovered, the arborist can supplement the tree's diet to ensure the problem does not persist.

How the trees will get watered is also essential to consider when planting. An arborist can design an irrigation system to manage your yard's water. An irrigation system will be able to provide every plant in your yard with the exact amount of water it needs when it needs it. Planning to hand water everything? No problem. Your arborist will be able to explain how often and how much you should be watering. Having an arborist available to ensure your yard is getting everything it needs will keep it looking its best year-round. Having this plan before you plant is the only way to keep a yard full of thriving plants and trees.

Having a trained arborist inspect your yard at least twice a year would be best. Then, they will be able to detect if anything is happening to the tree that may cause harm. Whether or not the tree needs trimming, it will benefit from a checkup. Like your own health, the earlier you can catch a problem, the happier the tree will be. Inspection for evidence of harmful bugs and diseases and ensuring the tree is getting the proper nutrients from the soil is vital for the tree to remain healthy. Of course, if you see something changing on the tree that isn't normal, you should call your arborist immediately.

When they think of hiring an arborist, most people consider trimming trees. Trimming trees is very important to the tree's health and the safety of everyone (and things) that will be around the tree. Trees can be huge and very heavy. The tree care industry is rated the 4th most dangerous industry. On average, a tree care worker dies every three days. Trimming trees is no joke, especially when large machineries like wood chippers, cranes, and man-lifts are needed. Hiring a certified, licensed arborist for the job makes the process much easier and safer. A trained arborist has the knowledge to trim and even remove trees while causing minimum damage to the surrounding areas. They will also be able to direct a crew that can cut the tree and remove the debris safely. There is no reason to put yourself at risk of injury or even death to maintain a beautiful yard. Adding an arborist to your landscaping team is the only proven safe, legal, and productive way of planting, trimming, caring for, and removing trees. An arborist should also inspect your yard before during landscaping and construction projects. Trees get stressed out when their environment changes; adding that new pool or patio right where their roots grow might put the tree into shock. An arborist can plan for these things and ensure all trees stay safe.

Tree care is often undervalued; homeowners may focus only on emergencies or situations requiring tree removal. Working with an arborist can help you care for your tree correctly. Once you have a trained professional arborist on your landscaping team, your yard will blossom into a beautiful landscape, adding value to your home and neighborhood.


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